Britt Hilgers

First #Oktoberfest of the season. #prost! #angelcitybrewery (at Angel City Brewery)
#dtla REPRESENT  (at Topanga Canyon)
Mike washes the car while I sit and Instagram it. #teamwork
#fuckyeahbiddymason #dtla
My cleavage carried home half of this. #arcadefire #theforum #confetti 🎉 (at The Forum)
Thankful to be with family today. Rest in peace, Grandma Grace. ❤️
Yeah. I kinda fuckin love him n shit.  (at Lighthouse Inn on Lake Michigan)
Don’t front, St. Paul.  (at Amsterdam Bar and Hall)
Jon?  (at Hamm Building)
Lola is FEELIN’ this couch. She’s like, check out my surgery scar, yo. It’s all healed n shit and I’m like in ecstasy n shit
Wine. In a can. #wineinacan
Our freezer has stalactites AND stalagmites (and a 5 year old box of pierogies).
I’d just like to state for the record that I tweeted this on June 13th, and the boys in orange are still in it. So when they win the World Cup on Sunday, I’m gonna rub it in all your soccer-loving, weed-hating faces.

Sometimes when I’m feeling bad about myself, I like to reflect on past achievements. 

Back in 2012, I Made The Chive's list of “Not So Sober Brides" AND "Best Photos Of The Week.” That’s me on my wedding day in the red lace Chucks and Solo cup to match. 

According to one commenter, I “definitely know how to party” and user “DaddyD” likes my personality but would prefer the face and ass of someone else.

Thank you, Chive. My self esteem has been officially restored. 

This is how we grocery shop: Mike carries everything back on his skateboard while I carry nothing and take pictures. #teamwork